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Port Agents for All Kinds of Vessels.
Protective Agents.
Husbandry Agent.
Bunkering Services.
Crew Handling.
Marine Consultants
Liberty Marine USA's mission is to be the best choice consulting and marketing company that is able to efficiently and quickly meet the needs of its customers with the highest quality. It will offer its staff the best working environment in order to bring out their best individual efforts and further streamline their teamwork.
Liberty Marine USA’s vision is to establish a strong operational framework in the U.S. that will allow it to achieve maximum sustainability, quality and growth for itself and its parent company in Venezuela. Liberty Marine USA will strive to always be an effective and dynamic organization.

Liberty Marine USA is a provider of recognized services to the maritime industry.

Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for shipping and marine services, by coordinating and providing the services requested with the most cost efficient manner.

We are able to provide our clients with the lowest costs and best quality service at all Venezuelan Ports.

Liberty Marine USA Corp's; objective is to become a premier marine consulting and marketing company, as such some of its corporate objectives include:

  • Maintaining and creating jobs locally by adding new position and staff members to its payroll to meet new and expanded business goals.
  • Establishing and implementing a QC system for all services being rendered by Liberty Marine USA.
  • Developing an internal process procedure in order to efficiently manage all accounts receivable, payments and collections, and banking.
  • Creating a service and product-based company whose primary ambition is to continually exceed customer's expectations.
  • Maintaining Liberty Marine USA as a sustainable, profitable business.

    Liberty Marine USA’s main services include:

    Port Agents for All Kinds of Vessels

    Tankers, Bulkers, Cruises, General cargo, Support Vessels, Scientific / Factory Vessels.

    As Port Agents, Liberty Marine USA will organize and coordinate all port calls, acting on behalf of the owner or operator of the vessel. As the local representative of the principal, Liberty Marine USA provides local area knowledge and expertise in order to ensure that the principal’s requirements are performed with the utmost efficiency.

    Protective Agents

    The owners or the charterers may choose to appoint a protective agent to look after their interests in cases where in accordance with the charter party (Contract) the vessel is consigned to another agent.

    Husbandry Agent

    As Husbandry Agents, Liberty Marine USA is hired by the owner of the ship and invested with the necessary authority to make the needed repairs and attend other major concerns of the ship.

    Bunkering Services

    Liberty Marine USA is able to arrange Bunkers for ships calling on specific ports known and used by Liberty Marine USA.

    Crew Handling

    Liberty Marine USA can arrange transportation, hotel accommodation, immigration formalities and launch facilities for a vessel’s new crew.

    Marine Consultants

    Liberty Marine USA provides advice and marine support to vessel’s owners and charterers in order to help them meet their target goals and projects.

    Liberty Marine USA also provides the following support services:

    - Receiving and assisting its customer’s vessel that is located in a designated harbor.
    - Carrying out all aspects of vessel management necessary to obtain the release of the vessel from the harbor.
    - Performing all the necessary steps in order to comply with any and all the necessary provisions, resolutions and/or instructions as issued by local area federal authorities.
    - Assisting the captain of the vessel, while also contracting out and subsequently supervising the rendering of said services necessary in order to care and maintain in operational standards of the vessel in port.
    - Ensuring that the customer’s vessel is always ready and safe for navigation, so as to be ready to carryout its intended maritime transportation and/or trade.
    - Keeping both the buyer of the cargo and the owner(s) of the ship informed of all the activities that must occur while in port.
    - Providing consulting services and advice to both maritime charterers and vessel owners.


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